Beth Coke Employment Law

Beth Coke - Fort Pierce Employment Attorney


At the start of 2017, I ventured out and opened my own law firm, Coke Employment Law.  Prior to that, I practiced law for 21 years at a small, but prestigious law firm, which exclusively represented employers in all aspects of labor and employment law.  I will still be practicing labor and employment law, but Coke Employment Law will be dedicated to helping employees.  My extensive knowledge and experience representing public and private employers gives me a unique advantage that I will use to benefit my clients.


Not every workplace issue has to result in litigation.  However, that should not mean that you, as an employee, should give up your rights.  My extensive labor & employment law experience, means I know your rights and I can help you determine the best ways to approach situations with your employer.


There are times when workplace issues require litigation.  For those situations, you need a lawyer that is not only knowledgeable, but also determined to protect your rights. I will not let your case sit unresolved.  I will pursue it until it is resolved by a jury, if needed.


I care about helping people and am genuinely concerned about assisting employees resolve problems they are having at work.  No one needs to be alone when facing employment issues.  I am here for you.